Cloud security solutions

Are you a business looking for cloud security professionals on demand? Or are you interested in becoming a cloud security professional yourself?


Why become a partner?

Reduce your cyber security risk

Reduce cyber security knowledge gap

Readily available talent for specific projects

Reduce hiring time and costs

Work with trained and certified professionals

Supervision from senior experts


Why become a Guardian?

Get a competitive salary from day one

Obtain cyber security certificates

Personal coaching from industry experts

Gain hands-on experience

Build a huge cyber security network

Become a cyber consultant and help top clients



For someone who just moved to the country, the Guardianship program is a perfect set up – learning while doing. I have learned new security platforms with hands-on training, and did most of my Microsoft certifications while being here and still aiming for more. My goal is to enhance my skills while keeping in pace with the ever-changing cyber world.

Yamini S.

Cloud Guardian

This program benefits me in two ways. It gives me the chance of getting used to having meetings with clients, using a system while learning about it. And applying what I have learned to the clients. What I enjoy the most is that if there is a problem, I can go and find out all there is to the problem and figure out how to solve it. I am not sure yet about what I will do after the Guardianship.

Bryan C.

Cloud Guardian

This program gives me the opportunity to discover where my interests lie within cybersecurity, thanks to the various trainings given by the accommodating mentors. These trainings combined with gaining matching certifications, gaining hands-on experience at different types of companies and having a great and helpful team to rely on make me feel very grateful to be a part of this program.

Elianne H.

Cloud Guardian